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Personal Training in Northampton


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AltiusPT - Hi Bar Back Squat

AltiusPT - Lateral MedBall Jump and Throw

AltiusPT - Nutral Grip Chin Up

AltiusPT - Speed Squat from Pins

AltiusPT - TRX Falling Hip Lock

AltiusPT - Band Wall Hip Lock

AltiusPT - Tyre Smash

AltiusPT - Dumbell Snatch

AltiusPT - Thoracic Realese

AltiusPT - MedBall Squat

AltiusPT - Lunge and Overhead Reach

AltiusPT - Bear Crawl

AltiusPT - Counter Movement Jump

AltiusPT - Lateral Reactive Jump

AltiusPT - Lateral Jump

AltiusPT - MedBall Hinge and Throw

AltiusPT - Partner Reactive Catch

AltiusPT - Squat Throw

AltiusPT - 45 Degree Back Extention

AltiusPT - Tall Kneeling GetUp

AltiusPT - MedBall Rotational Slam

AltiusPT - Box Jump

AltiusPT - Slide Board Lateral Lunge