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Altius is all about making you look good and feel great about yourself!
Located conveniently in Northampton, Altius offers the highest quality of personal training session and group exercise classes.

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Marc Finney

Marc has spent the previous 10 years working in Elite sport with Northampton Saints RFC. Spending the previous 4 years as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Marc has now taken a lead with the teams long term injured players as a rehab and reconditioning specialist.

Dan Taylor

Dan has been passionate about sport all his life, having a keen interest in playing rugby and staying fit. After graduating in Sports Coaching, he began his coaching career as a Performance Intern at Northampton Saints in 2014.

Dan Atter

Dan is a certified personal trainer with extensive experience of working with a broad range of clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. Dan’s wealth of fitness training knowledge, personality and his enthusiastic approach to training has meant he is a highly sought after PT because he gets the results clients want!

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50-Year-Old Superheroes

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Altius In 4 Steps

The Altius our team are here to work around your schedule so that you do not
have to miss your work or meetings for your workout session.

First Step: Dedication

After that, we move on to flexibility and different range of motion before moving to strength, power, and speed.

Second Step: Pain

At Altius, want to create awareness and form an environment where we concentrate on the principals.

Third Step:  Passion

We realise the value of your time and aim to get results whether it is weight loss, sports performance or muscle gain.

Fourth Step:  Gain

Our approach is simple. Hard work always pays. Often, we are surprised at the different information and advice.